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International Logistics Solutions (ILS)

  • ILS brings the small to medium-sized company all the global services of DHL, at 15% to 20% off. DHL has designated ILS as your point of contact for savings and personalized service.

All of DHL, at Your Service

  • DHL, the world's second largest employer with operations in 225 countries, has committed to reaching SMBs in the US with pricing and services previously reserved for the Fortune 1000-sized multinationals.
  • DHL selected ILS as its Service Partner for SMBs, due to our team's outstanding track performance record handling major aspects of DHL's services over the past several years.
  • By opening an account with ILS, you will receive the best possible pricing, service, tracking, and delivery reliability across the world.

DHL via ILS - the International Specialists

  • International is the one area of shipping where you need a specialist. Domestic shipping does not involve customs complexities or duties and processing in different countries and cultures. From our couriers, trained to be experts at international shipping to our logistics consultants a phone call away, ILS brings you the superior network and infrastructure of DHL.
  • DHL is one of the world's largest customs brokers. With DHL, your international parcel stays trackable and keeps moving without surprises.



A New Way to Ship With the World's Best

  • One phone call gets you started on international shipping with savings up to 20%. Above, click on Create New Account.
  • If you wish to open your account or need answers immediately, call our CIS (Certified International Specialist) team at (305) 883-0634.


















2015 holiday schedule


DHL Express will be closed and all services will not be available on the following holidays:


  • Monday, July 4th, 2016
  • Monday, September 5th, 2016
  • Thursday, November 24th, 2016



  • ILS express

At ILS, we provide personalized customer        attention with multicultural communication,        specialized knowledge and focus on        international shipping, and access to all the        services and experience that make DHL the        best international express shipper.


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