2017 ILS-DHL Express Service Updates

DHL Express announces its 2017 rate adjustments

4.9% average increase in the U.S.

Effective January 2, 2017

DHL Express adjusts its prices annually, to ensure we continue to guarantee you the industry’s highest-quality international service performance: taking into account inflation and the rising network costs of providing best-in-class air express services to and from the more than 220 countries and territories that we serve.

Optional Services and Surcharges changes effective January 2, 2017.

  • Address Correction will increase from $13.00 per shipment to $14.00 per shipment
  • Change of Billing will increase from $13.00 per shipment to $14.00 per shipment
  • Residential Delivery will increase from $3.65 per shipment to $3.85 per shipment
  • Dangerous Goods will increase from $90.50 per shipment to $95.50 per shipment
  • Lithium Ion (PI-965, Section II) will increase from $90.50 per shipment to $95.50 per shipment
  • Remote Area Delivery will increase from $0.30 per lb. with a minimum of $30.00 per shipment to $0.34 per lb. with a minimum of $34.00 per shipment
  • Remote Area Pickup will increase from $0.30 per half kg. with a minimum of $30.00 to $0.34 per half kg. with a minimum of $34.00 per shipment
  • Monthly Service Charge will now be called Monthly Pickup Service. For customers requiring regular DHL Express pickup service, the monthly charge will increase from $36.00 to $44.00
  • Non Standard Shipment Charges:
    • Over Handled Piece (OHP) will now be called Non-Stackable Pallet and will increase from $125.00 per shipment to $135.00 per shipment
    • Over Sized Piece (OSP) will increase from $67.50 per shipment to $72.50 per shipment
    • Over Weight Piece (OWP) will increase from $67.50 per shipment to $72.50 per shipment
  • Bio/Phyto/Veterinary Controls will change to Other Government Agency
  • Handover to Broker will change to Broker Notification

Additionally, effective Jan. 2, 2017, the dimensional weight calculation for Express packages moving between U.S. and Puerto Rico will change. The dimensional weight for shipments between the U.S. and Puerto Rico will be calculated by multiplying the length by width by height of each package in inches and dividing the total by 139. Previously, dimensional weight for all shipments between the U.S. and Puerto Rico was calculated by dividing the total by 166.

Other Improvements in 2017

DHL announces $137 million investment plan in U.S. e-commerce infrastructure and services

  • Deutsche Post DHL Group exploits booming U.S. e-commerce business
  • DHL eCommerce significantly expands capabilities for the worldwide cross-border e-commerce market, reaching $1 trillion by 2020

Deutsche Post DHL Group, the world’s leading logistics provider, today announced a $137 million investment plan for the U.S. domestic and cross-border e-commerce market. The Group’s objective is to exploit the global B2C e-commerce market for shipments crossing borders which is expected to grow from $400 billion today to a total global volume of $1 trillion in 2020¹. Since U.S. online merchants take the leading role in selling internationally, DHL eCommerce will make substantial investments in the United States in the next years and expand its capabilities to serve businesses selling abroad significantly. The announcement was made in conjunction with the DHL eCommerce and DHL Supply Chain divisions further implementing regionalized fulfillment centers in Los Angeles, Columbus, Ohio, and New Jersey, significantly increasing the companies’ order fulfillment capabilities in North America collaboratively.

There is barely any other industry that provides such a promising outlook than the e-commerce business. It is expected that one billion people will shop online and across borders by 2020 with the U.S. being the most popular origin for 25 percent of consumers worldwide. With our investments we lay the foundation to expand our leading role in cross-border e-commerce logistics, serve our U.S. customers with the best possible infrastructure and solutions, and gain future market shares,” says Charles Brewer, CEO DHL eCommerce.

DHL eCommerce is looking to profit from these developments and to increase its e-commerce footprint in the United States. In line with the Strategy 2020, the Group has made and will continue to make significant investments. After the first order fulfillment center opened in Columbus, Ohio, last year and followed by a facility in Los Angeles, DHL eCommerce will establish further regional centers of this kind in New Jersey and other locations in 2017. Additionally, DHL Express celebrates the opening of a new, $1.3 million service center facility in Chicago to meet heavy demand from e-commerce customers. And just one year ago, also DHL Global Forwarding opened up a $35 million distribution center in Chicago. All of these infrastructural engagements will provide merchants with the opportunity to place inventory closer to consumers in order to speed-up delivery.

As an arm of the division Post - eCommerce - Parcel, expanding businesses’ international footprint with e-commerce related logistics is at the core of DHL eCommerce. In North America, the company operates 20 distribution centers, including four international gateways and one center each in Toronto and Mexico City. Further facilities in Latin America are to follow next year. In the U.S., DHL eCommerce operates 18 distribution centers and is one of the largest partners of domestic provider USPS. It is thus able to dive deep into the USPS mail stream to maximize pre-sorting discounts and achieve speed-to-market.